AHA 2021-2022


Meshea Shaffer
Olive Gray Photography

Meshea is a family photographer located in Destin, Florida, as primarily a beach photographer, her love of the coast is reflected in every image as she strives to tell the honest stories and capture authentic connections.

"Creating Art When Limited with Shooting on the Same, Bright Beaches" Educational Video + Editing Video with her OGP Presets & Discount Code

MacKenzie Pudenz

MacKenzie is a small town, Iowa farmer’s daughter. She now lives in Mesa, Arizona with her amazing husband and their incredible SEVEN kiddos! She spends her days all year round, chasing kids and SUNSHINE! She’s always loved photographs and the emotions they make her feel.

"Client Preparation Before a Session to Ensure Natural Flow & Authentic Emotion" Educational Video

Jordan Brennan

Jordan is a family & newborn photographer based in South Florida. She has a passion for capturing raw motherhood. Her style is moody, emotive & free. She loves wild hair, bare feet, palm trees & warm breezes. Taking photos that make you feel, is what makes her heart beat.

"Indoor Newborn Magic" Behind the Scenes Video + Editing Video using her Lightroom Brushes & Discount Code


Joy Prouty

Joy believes everyone has a unique and beautiful song to sing with their lives. As an artist, she believes her job is to gently create tangible proof of all the beauty streaming through the deep aching caverns of everyday life. She likes to think of herself as a preservationist of hope, painting portraits with the light that shines out of both joy and suffering. It is her honor to walk alongside the courageous who invite her to sit beside them as a grand story unfolds.

"Cultivating a Genuine Foundation of Trust with Clients & Laying the Framework for Authentic Expression of Emotion". With the bonus of: "The Process of Allowing your Own Personal Journey to Sing Out of Your Professional Work & Soul Care for the Exhausted Artist" Educational Videos

Mari Trancoso

Mari has been a dancer almost as long as she could walk. She loves the feeling of motion & thinks it propels us forward in life, and not just physically. Love and relationships are motion and energy, moving toward trust and understanding. Photography has always been about capturing motion for her. She loves to see the way couples move together: how he gently moves her hair out of her face. How she looks up at him and unconsciously wraps her pinky in his. How they rest their heads together as soon as they take a seat. These cues are love in motion, and she feels it’s her job to notice and document them.

"Harnessing Creative Storytelling : An Indoor Couples Session" Educational + Editing Videos

Margaret Koning
Bones of Us

Margaret and her husband and have been married for 10 years and have four amazing kiddos and an energetic Goldendoodle. She’s a Colorado native, loves hiking with some good music, and cannot get enough of Wintergreen mints.

"Tapestry Storytelling: weaving together your personal narrative with your visual imagery" Educational Video

Nick Robertson
Wild Eyed Creative Co

Nick has been a photographer for over 10 years. He’s worked with companies in marketing, video, audio engineering, and design. He spent years as a musician touring around the country and recording in different studios. With all the knowledge and experience he’s gained in the industry, he started Wild Eyed Creative Co. to serve the art and artists I love.

“Out of the Wild: Branding For Photographers” Educational Video

Stormy Solis Photography