Kendra Rose Photography

Kendra Rose Photography
San Diego, CA
In Business Since 2019

Other fun facts: Married to my soulmate, a step “Bonus” mom to two amazing kids, a Boston Terrier mama, and a total true-crime junkie.

I love art, especially painting and photography. I started painting when I was young, and took film photography in high school. I always thought art would remain a hobby, so I attended college for business and started working in aviation. After years of being in the corporate world, I realized it wasn’t the way I wanted to live. My husband asked what I was passionate about, and I immediately thought of photography.The next day he bought me my first DSLR camera and a laptop. He believed in me more than I believed in myself. Looking back, I’m so glad I made the leap because I’ve truly found what I was meant to do.

My photography is inspired by a love for life and the connections we make. I was diagnosed with health issues in my twenties, and suddenly, my outlook on life was completely different. Memories and time with loved ones meant more than ever before. My photography is about the moments you want to relive and cherish. I love photographing couples, maternity and families for this reason.

I first discovered Stormy while browsing photography on Instagram; I was drawn to the emotion and vivid color of her work. After becoming a photographer, I looked to those I admired for education opportunities, and when I found All Heart Access I signed up right away for the Spring quarter during it’s pre-release. I loved it so much, I went All-In and extended for the full year!

All Heart Access isn’t just an editing or posing course- it’s a community. With an enrollment in All Heart Access, you have access to the best Facebook group I have ever been a part of. The Facebook group is a community of incredibly gifted and supportive photographers, all with the same goal of learning and sharing. It’s a safe place to share your work, ask for feedback, and connect with others.

The course has taught me so much. It’s changed the way I style, shoot, cull, edit, and communicate with clients. It’s improved my confidence, not only with the work I deliver, but with the way I interact with my clients during the shoot itself.  I have had an opportunity to watch behind the scenes videos of Stormy conducting her photoshoots and I realized that with her guidance, and the input of our Facebook community, I’ve elevated my skills and I truly feel like I’ve reached a new level.  This group has not only let me learn from one of my photography idols, but interact with her as well!

All Heart Access is helpful for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced photographers. The courses are a great introduction to Lightroom and Photoshop for those who are unfamiliar, but it also includes many advanced Photoshop actions that have helped my workflow and added an additional sense of magic and drama to my images. I’ve come through this course feeling like a photographer reborn with a lot more tools for my photography toolkit.  I can’t thank Stormy and her incredible team enough for putting all of this together.  The attention to detail and effort is evident and I just want to tell other photographers out there that this is an incredible bargain and an open door to a world of knowledge and collaboration.


“All Heart Access” is an emotive photography + video education platform with editing tools for the heart led artist. It has changed thousands of lives & grown to now also offer AHA Master Artist Workshops by Simply Blessings Photography & Jordan Brennan.

Year 1 & Year 2 will be retiring from being for sale after December 31, 2023, so take advantage of the full experience with 50% off code: PAU. Students will maintain lifetime access after it quits being available for sale at the end of this year.

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