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Linsley Schneider Photography
Raleigh, NC
6 years in business


Fun facts about me: I come from a big family- the oldest of 6 girls so always wanted a big family of my own. I have 4 kiddos all 8 and under. Before finding my love of photography I taught second grade for 5 years and have also worked at Disney World!


I first picked up a camera in 2013 after my first baby was born to capture all of the adventures we would have with him. Soon after I started sharing my pictures of him, friends and family began asking if I would take pictures of them and from there my passion for photography grew. I threw myself into all the education I could to learn about light, editing, and connection and have slowly found that photographing families is where my heart lies. I am so a super sentimental person and want to freeze all the moments with my babies, so in turn strive to give that gift to other mothers like me. I am inspired by raw and authentic connection and joy that families share with each other. I love capturing their unique love stories and all the details that make them special.


I first discovered Stormy when she was featured at a Clickaway Workshop. I was so drawn to her because of her incredible gift of drawing out emotion and connection in the most artistic and beautiful way. I remember watching her work and how easy she made everything look when it came to photographing true, candid moments. I immediately craved more of her work and learning how she did this so I signed up for All Heart Access. It only took one season of All Heart Access to make me go All In. Since then I’ve taken both years of AHA and I attended the Hometown Retreat in Oregon with her. Not only has the retreat and AHA elevated my editing, but has given me the tools to shoot for gorgeous candid moments, enhance my styling, and given me the confidence to raise my prices and deliver a high quality gallery to my clients. I cannot recommend Stormy and All Heart enough. It has been a game changer in my business and ultimately my life and total outlook on what I hope to give to families.  She pours her heart and soul into her work and her students and it is so inspiring.


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I’m Stormy Solis. That is in fact my given name, thanks to the romantic notions of my parents who loved the song. I’m after authentic moments with real people. I love finding the poetry in the human experience and believe family is the biggest gift this life has to offer. My photos are full of heart and imperfect, much like people. Hope to find the beauty in your story.

Breckenridge Family Photographer & Maternity Photographer