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2:1 In-Person Mentorships

Mentorships are very limited & I only offer a handful of opportunities throughout each year. These are special opportunities for 2:1 in-person focus to help elevate your work, finesse your editing, draw out the emotion, tackle that business strategy and help grow you & a friend to your fullest potential.

Once the 50% deposit is paid between the two of you to secure your date on my calendar, we’ll schedule a zoom to lay the foundation of where you’re at and what we can focus on during the day of the mentorship. I’ll most likely give you both some homework, so we can make the most of our time together when we do meet in person.

On the day of the mentorship, we’ll meet at a coffee shop near one of the locations I shoot at in Colorado a couple of hours prior to the shoot (you’ll fly into Denver), where we can dig deeper and go over any questions.

After that we’ll either be shooting side by side with models I select specifically for areas you’re wanting to grow or highlight in your portfolio, or shadow you as you lead a shoot I help you plan (if you both prefer that option). After the shoot, we’ll head to dinner, where we can edit photos from the session together & wrap up with any remaining questions.

You’ll fly into Denver International Airport (DEN) in Colorado. Depending where you’d like to shoot for technical growth & portfolio building, locations available are: Boulder, Frisco, Breckenridge, Vail & Estes Park.

• 2 Zooms: The first one will be after you’ve both paid your non-refundable deposit and before our scheduled in-person component of the mentorship. This will be an opportunity to see where you’re currently at, identify areas for growth & set goals to achieve before we meet in-person. The second zoom will be scheduled after our in-person meeting, when you’ve had a chance to apply what you’ve learned & we can circle back & see what additional steps can be applied for continued growth.
• Coffee meet-up prior to our shoot on the day of the mentorship
• Styled Family  Sunset Shoot, where we’ll be shooting side by side
• After shoot dinner, where we’ll edit photos from the shoot together

• Airfare
• Lodging
• Transportation

$4,000 total ($2,000 each person)
A 50% deposit must be paid by each person to secure the date on my calendar

To inquire about a 2:1 Mentorship reservation, pleas email me through my contact formBalance for mentorship is due prior to meeting in-person. If interested in a mentorship outside of my area, travel fees apply.

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