Milky Way {online} Family Retreat

Learn from 18 of the world’s industry-leading family photographers

Including Hailey Faria, Jodi Lynn Buckles, Courtney Holmes & many more, who’ve joined forces to share their knowledge on: Family posing, story-telling + styling ideas. Direction on capturing connection between your clients. Editing, marketing and so much more!

Watch on your schedule! You’ll get INSTANT access to all 18 instructor videos which you can watch online until August 31, 2020 (plus you can download them, so you have them for LIFE!)

My course is 61 minutes long and teaches on Storytelling & Connection with Large Families. You’ll get to be right beside me & hear everything I say, as I capture a family with 4 littles.

Behind the Scenes Shooting Video

Family Session Flow

Watch me work with a family I’ve never met before, to capture their authentic and emotive connections. You’ll get to hear every word I say to them, as well as what they’re saying to each other during the session. You’ll also get to watch me problem solve, as children don’t want to cooperate, as well as hear my thoughts on lighting, settings, guiding, styling, and much more.

Limited to 1 Download, so please be sure to do it on your computer and not your phone, as the file size is 4.2G and requires good WiFi to download.

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A guide to creating authentic family portraits, rich with emotion, connection and truth.

This is for a family photographer wanting to get a bit in my head and understand my strategies for creating authentic and emotive portraits. I didn’t want this to be another PDF glossing over all the typical things. I wanted it to be an extension of my heart and say the things I wish I would’ve read early on in my career. It’s 74 pages of me breaking down my client process, tools for getting authentic connection, prompts, styling, location, voice and more. It’s also full of inspiring imagery. You can download and read on your computer or print it out for home.

Please note that the PDF is designed to download in 38 tabloid printer spreads (instead of 74 individual letter size pages for easier printing.
“Years ago when I first started getting paid to take family photos, when I was intent on making sessions look like something from a pharmaceutical commercial selling a happy life; I wish someone would’ve shaken me and told me “hey, is this really what family looks like to you? Does this encompass the love, depth and struggle that you all have gone through to make you who you are?”

Because, it wasn’t until I was years into this business, that I started making my work personal. Vulnerable. Real. And more of a love note on the complexity of the human experience. Because it is complex and a photo of everyone smiling and looking at the camera just doesn’t sum that experience and depth up.

It wasn’t easy to make the jump into emotive portraiture that also spoke of truth for each family that I captured. It also wasn’t an overnight change. But I want to share with you what made the difference for me. Because, once you start creating work that is meaningful to you and your clients on a much deeper level than a pretty wall hanging – that’s where purpose is found. Where you will pull the drive and determination to keep digging deeper and keep putting one foot in front of the other when this industry gets tough. This purpose is what gives our images life and makes our clients cry with gratitude, for having felt seen.”

* PLEASE NOTE: This guide is copyrighted and may not be shared or transferred to another party. By purchasing this, you acknowledge you will not share this, reproduce it or resell this guide in anyway. Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final and non-refundable.

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