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Tracy Dawn Photography
Kelowna, BC
In business since 2017

I have been drawn to photography since I was a little kid. It may have something to do with my Dad and his love for dappling with double exposures in the late 80’s early 90’s. But I know since getting older, it goes much deeper than that.
I lost my brother when I was sixteen. That event deeply changed me and the course of my life. The longer I have lived without him, the more pieces of him slip away from me. His voice, his laugh, even the way he looked. I don’t have many images of him. The one I do have is the only way I can remember him. Smiling at my sister’s wedding, a traditional portrait. What I would give to have one more image, one more image of him laughing, interacting, just being him. I desperately wish I could have an authentic representation of him to remember. Of course I would wish for more time with him over images, but that’s not the way life works. Unfortunately, I will always be wishing for more.
Now, I take photos. Of my kids, of my family, of myself, of other families. And I aim to take authentic images. Ones with meaning. Filled with emotion. Filled with love and connection that can’t be replicated because it belongs to them. Motherhood has inspired me to go after a dream that seemed impossible after living a life of tragic events and mistakes. My heartache inspires me. My experiences inspire me. My children inspire me. Music, nature, light, emotion and love are all sources of deep inspiration for me. I look at my life and the stage we are in or stages that have passed and I allow myself to draw inspiration from the beautiful and not so beautiful moments.
I have known of Stormy and her work for a few years now. I am always so inspired by the connection, emotion and movement she is able to provoke in her images. I have taken two seasons of her first year of All Heart Access and now I am enrolled in year two as well. I am so grateful for her openness and willingness to share her talent with all of us. I was petrified of photoshop before her course, and now I can’t edit without it. I am booking months out in advance and I had the confidence to raise my prices. Although I know I need to raise them again. But, I have that inner voice that is now telling me I’m worth more, that voice was not there before.
If you are a photographer and you are longing for more, then I highly recommend Stormy’s course. This course helped me pull from the depths within myself, to create the art I have longed to create. My editing has evolved and I can say I am truly proud of my work, my growth and my continued evolution. Stormy holds nothing back.She shares her heart and in return allowed me to listen to mine. All Heart Access has given me the confidence I’ve been searching for, to listen to my creative voice and execute my vision in exactly the way I have been yearning for. Invest in yourself. You won’t regret it.
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Tracy Dawn | Stormy Solis Presets
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Tracy Dawn | Stormy Solis Presets
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Tracy Dawn | Stormy Solis Presets
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I’m Stormy Solis. That is in fact my given name, thanks to the romantic notions of my parents who loved the song. I’m after authentic moments with real people. I love finding the poetry in the human experience and believe family is the biggest gift this life has to offer. My photos are full of heart and imperfect, much like people. Hope to find the beauty in your story.

Stormy Solis Photography