Sarah Drewry Photography

Sarah Drewry Photography
Alexandria, VA
3 years in business


I have had a graphic design business for 20 years and started family photography in 2017. I love being able to meet families, hear their stories, and to create something beautiful and deeply personal for them. Having 2 sons ages 17 and 20, I am aware of how the years go by so fast and how important it is to capture those memories when they are growing and changing every day.


I saw Stormy’s photos in a Facebook group a couple of years ago and I knew there was something very different and special in the way she captured emotion and connection with the families and couples who were in front of her camera. In addition to being a member of All Heart, I also have two of Stormy’s editing videos that I often refer back to when I need a little more help with putting the finishing touches on a gallery. I wish I would have known about All Heart earlier because it covers EVERYTHING, from working with families and making them feel comfortable, to bringing out real emotion in your sessions, and of course gorgeous editing that enhances the natural colors and beauty of any location. I honestly don’t know of anyone else right now who is offering presets, actions, and instructional videos, for this price. SO worth it!!




I’m Stormy Solis. That is in fact my given name, thanks to the romantic notions of my parents who loved the song. I’m after authentic moments with real people. I love finding the poetry in the human experience and believe family is the biggest gift this life has to offer. My photos are full of heart and imperfect, much like people. Hope to find the beauty in your story.

Breckenridge Family Photographer & Maternity Photographer