Best of September & October

September got away from us with the release of the Fall Season of AHA, so we’ve decided to combine the “Best of the Month” blogs for September and October! Here are some of the scroll stoppers shot and edited by All Heart Access Members over the last two months using Stormy Solis Presets and/or Actions.

We are so grateful to each and everyone of you guys for sharing your time and your talent with us!

Photographer:  EJ Dilley | Instagram:


Photographer:  Emily Hodge of Simply Blessing Photography | Instagram:


Photographer:  Victoria Tiger | Instagram:


Photographer: Shiloh Colleen | Instagram:


Photographer: Lee Pettigrew | Instagram:


Photographer: Heidi Spillane | Instagram:


Photographer:  Ashley Baldwin | Instagram:


Photographer: Hailey Faria  | Instagram:


Photographer:  Elaina Baer of Boho Baer Photography | Instagram:


Photographer: Stefanee Dixon of Simply Stefanee | Instagram:


Photographer: Tasha Renae Wade of Fernweh + Fair  | Instagram:


Photographer: Lauren McKeown | Instagram:


Photographer: Natalie Briana | Instagram:


Photographer:  Peyton Moore | Instagram:


Photographer: Swathi Peddi | Instagram:


I’m Stormy Solis. That is in fact my given name, thanks to the romantic notions of my parents who loved the song. I’m after authentic moments with real people. I love finding the poetry in the human experience and believe family is the biggest gift this life has to offer. My photos are full of heart and imperfect, much like people. Hope to find the beauty in your story.

Breckenridge Family Photographer & Maternity Photographer